Community Fund of Sun City West, Inc.

The Community Fund of Sun City West - Neighbors Helping Neighbors.


The 2017 direct mail campaign is underway.  Mailings have now gone out to all residential addresses in Sun City West.  Our goal this year is to contact every SCW resident, including winter visitors and to ask for their help. The Community Fund provides a financial safety net for SCW residents who are experiencing difficulty paying for food, medicine, utilities, and other basic needs. Look at our "More Ways to Give" page for even more ways you can contribute.

PLEASE CAll the fund  . . . . . .

This is a reminder to call the Community Fund of Sun City West if you are having trouble meeting your monthly bill due dates.  The number for the hotline is:  623-546-1122.  If you leave your name, number and a short message, a volunteer representative will be glad to return your call.  The fund helps SCW residents with certain expenditures when all their money is spent on necessary bills every month, and they have nothing left over in their checking and savings accounts at the end of the month.  Clients must be below a certain income level and have no investments, annuities, or dividends, nor may they own additional properties. 

As a general rule –

  • We can help with two yearly mortgage or home rental payments and one or two HOA payments. 
  • We gladly pay medical and dental co-payments.  We can assist with two monthly payments for “Lifelines.” 
  • We can help with one heating, cooling, plumbing or water heater repair, yearly. 
  • We can certainly pay one quarterly trash payment. 
  • We pay basic monthly land line or cell phone charges, and two basic TV and Internet payments a year. 
  • We can help with APS, EPCOR, SW Gas or solar payments, and we can possibly help with one or two car repairs. 
  • We can also assist with one supplement to Medicare a year and one-half of your yearly property tax bill. 

If you believe you qualify and need the type of assistance we can supply, please don’t hesitate to call:  623-546-1122.